Saajan H. Bhakta

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Saajan is a youth activist, author, philanthropist, and public speaker. He has been honored by President Barack Obama and celebrities such as Eli Manning and The Cast of Glee. In 2013, Saajan was named a member of the “Top 30 Most Influential, Powerful, and Inspirational Youth around the World.”  Saajan won the 2014 Humanitarian Award from IFM, making him one of the youngest recipients of the award in history. Saajan has also served as a judge for Miss America Preliminary Scholarship Competitions. Saajan has been featured in The New York Times, Businesswire, Reuters, and many other large media outlets.  Saajan has been nominated for the last three years for the CNN Hero Award. 

Saajan currently travels the nation as a professional inspirational speaker. He has spoken all across the country with groups ranging from elementary school students to cancer researchers. His audience count ranges from 50 to 10,000 people at a time. You can contact a booking director by using the contact form on this website to schedule Saajan for your next event.

Saajan’s first book was published and released on March 1st, 2014. His book, Be Your Own Hero, is an inspirational book about life. All proceeds from his book sales will be used to provide lifesaving medical procedures to those living in poverty around the world. 

“After leaving an Indian airport, I heard the faintest of knocks sounding on my car window. I was only eight years old. I looked up to find a woman, hardly clothed and in dire need of food, standing outside the car. Her small child is cradled in her tight arms, and my heart breaks. She was sitting there watching her child suffer because she couldn't do anything about it. What did she live for? Ever since this experience, I have always wanted to better the lives of others, especially the less fortunate.”

In 2010, Saajan founded his own nonprofit organization, PovSolve. PovSolve is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization making positive change by raising money and creating awareness for human suffering. PovSolve works on the local, national, and international scale to meet the basic human needs of those living in poverty. PovSolve focuses on food, water, education, healthcare, and shelter. PovSolve has raised over $120,000, impacted over 39,000 lives, and inspired over 2,000 people to aid the cause! PovSolve’s mission is to work with the community to increase awareness about the issue of human suffering around the world, and help aid the suffering by taking positive action. PovSolve has fed thousands of hungry people living in slums around the world, has funded the construction of a school in Africa, and provided life necessities to thousands living in poverty in third world countries. 

Saajan funded the construction of a school in Africa. Project L.O.V.E and PovSolve are building a sustainable primary community school (grades 1-7) in rural Zambia for impoverished children, giving these vulnerable children access to education. The school is teaching income generating skills, providing health care, technology, and more. This school is providing an area with extreme poverty a chance for children to get an education to reach their full potential and change the cycle of poverty for their generation. Additionally, the school will empower girls and provide equal access to opportunities. Most kids in Kamatipa and surrounding areas do not have access to primary school education and simply will never get a chance to get educated. They cannot afford uniforms and fees if enrolled at a government school, and most cannot manage the distance to travel to one.

During 2014, PovSolve funded 2,000 life saving surgeries each month free of charge (24,000 surgeries total for 2014) to those living in poverty in India at the Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital, a hospital serving 140,000 poor people each year without asking for payment or for a very low fee equivalent to $1 in America.

2015's focus for Saajan's organization was bringing clean water to rural parts of Africa. The organization built water wells for those living in poverty to bring them clean, safe access to drinking water in rural Kenya.

Aside from his work with his own nonprofit organization, Saajan is involved in numerous other activities to make the world a better place. His largest achievements include being the Prudential Top Youth Volunteer of Kansas 2012, a Presidential Youth Volunteer Service Award, “Top 30 Most Influential, Powerful, and Inspirational Youth around the World 2013,” and the Kohl’s Cares Award.

Saajan graduated summa cum laude from Wichita State University in May of 2015 with a degree in psychology. 

On March 18th, 2014, the Mayor of the City of Wichita officially proclaimed the day in Saajan Bhakta's honor.

The proclamation states:

"Whereas, Saajan H. Bhakta is an Indian-American author, philanthropist, youth activist, and public speaker that was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas where he continues to live and work; and

Whereas, Mr. Bhakta has been awarded the Prudential Top Youth Volunteer of Kansas 2012, the Presidential Youth Volunteer Service Award, the Kohl’s Cares Award, and was listed in the “Top 30 Most Influential, Powerful, and Inspirational Youth Around the World 2013,” all before the age of 19; and

Whereas, Mr. Bhakta has penned a new book, “Be Your Own Hero”, that will inspire readers to define their life purpose, find their true value, and encourage others to make a difference in the world, with proceeds from the book benefiting a hospital in India that serves over 140,000 individuals each year who are living in poverty, providing life-saving surgery to those who cannot afford it; and

Whereas, Mr. Bhakta is one of the youngest Indian-American authors in the history of Wichita and potentially the State of Kansas, and currently travels the United States as a professional inspirational speaker, as well as manages his nonprofit organization, PovSolve, that creates awareness for the basic human needs of those living in poverty, and to date has raised over $80,000 to help aid the suffering of many;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that I, Carl Brewer, Mayor of the City of Wichita, Kansas, do hereby proclaim March 18, 2014 as Saajan H. Bhakta Day and asks all citizens to congratulate and encourage Mr. Bhakta for his contributions to mankind and his achievements as a role model for all citizens."